Tuesday, June 24, 2008@ 4:30 am   

Freddy Adu started for the US National Team, his first world cup qualifier start of his career in a game against Barbados. This qualifier is for the upcoming 2010 World Cup.

In the first game against Barbados the US won 8-0 and Freddy Adu came in mid way through the first half to help the US crush Barbados. In this match, Freddy came through in his first start recording the assist for the only goal of the game.

Coming in the 21st minute, Adu helped Eddie Lewis put in the go ahead goal.

The US will play Guatemala on the 20th of August and then play in Cuba on September 6 or 7th.

Friday, June 20, 2008@ 8:22 am   

Freddy Adu, who’s had quite a month with the US National team at the age of 19, is now being courted by the Italian team Serie A club Genoa. They want Adu on loan from the team he currently plays for, Benfica.

After just one season with Benfica, which Freddy joined last year after playing for DC United and Real Salt Lake, Adu has seen much improvement in his game but not a lot of improvement in playing time. He’s not a starter for Benfica and has only scored 2 goals on 11 appearances. Not bad for the young forward.

Being part of European soccer can only help Adu who has been trying to show the world that he belongs on the biggest stage in soccer.

Sunday, June 15, 2008@ 6:01 pm   

Freddy Adu subbed in today during the first world cup qualifying match against Barbados in the 26th minute of play for Pablo Mastroeni. His first few touches of the ball brought cheers from the crowd but no magic was seen. Quick passes from the center of the field trying to setup his teammates for quick and easy scores.

By the time Freddy Adu got into the game the US National Team was up by 3 goals.  The US team went on to score 5 more unanswered goals against Barbados making the final score 8 – 0. Although the US was expected to win the match fairly easy, no one could have expected this kind of a blowout.

One big highlight of the day was a hat trick by Brian Ching. Ching managed to score 3 goals during the game. Clint Dempsey had a big day as well with 2 goals of his own.

Freddy Adu continues to play strong giving the coaches something to think about as they work to build their starting roster. By the time the World Cup roles around in 2010, Adu could be a staple. He’ll have one more season playing for Benfica, and a lot more experience playing for the US National Team. The next two years could be breakout years for the young Adu.

Saturday, June 7, 2008@ 5:45 pm   

Young soccer star Freddy Adu, who plays for Benfica internationally, started on June 5th for the US National Team against Spain, in which US lost 1-0. Freddy Adu was replaced at half-time but was able to show quite a bit of who he really is and why he was so highly regarded as the next big thing for American soccer.

Freddy Adu looked like he was in charge on the field and played like he was in charge, slicing through Spain’s defense better than any other American has in a while. Freddy Adu, who came in as a sub in the England game a few weeks back, is ready to take a lead role.

That role should be top man on the US team. The team needs some spice, someone to take the game to exciting for the American people. I really think Freddy can do that.

It looks like Freddy will continue to start after that performance but we’ve seen crazier things from the coaching staff. We’ll see if their heads on are on straight in the next game Argentina tomorrow, June 8th.

You can catch that game 7:30 eastern, check your local listings for the channel it’s on.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007@ 8:55 am   

Freddy Adu came into the game late for Maxi Pereira and 7 minutes later was celebrating a goal that allowed Benfica to pull out the win.

This is young Freddy Adu’s second goal in 8 days as he continues to show improvement on the international stage since being picked up by Benfica this summer.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007@ 8:24 am   

It appears Freddy Adu will be playing abroad after all. Adu had recently turned 18 and by FIFA rules is now eligible to be traded international and play on the worlds biggest stage.

We recently learned that Freddy Adu has agreed to a deal with Benfica for $2 million. The Portuguese team signed the deal with Freddy’s newest team, Real Salt Lake, of the MLS. This finally gives the 18 year old Adu the chance to play where he’s always wanted, in front of the world.

Amidst many media folk discussing the dissapointment in his career, Freddy Adu is making strives to improve his game by playing soccer in better competition. This might be his chance to show that he belongs with the best in the world. After becoming such a huge star at the age of 14 when DC United signed him on he has had an up and down career. This could be what he needs to show he is the star he had the potential to be.

Monday, December 4, 2006@ 9:32 am   

Freddy Adu just finished up a two week, maybe less trial with manchester united and impressed a lot of people.

Although his size and lack of physical play are probably what ultimately kept him from playing in the Premiership league, Freddy Adu made a great impression for up and coming soccer stars from the US.

Although there have been more and more players making the jump from the MLS to the European leagues, America needs a big name player, one with a lot of publicity, to spark nation wide interest in the sport and in European soccer.

Soccer fans in America are more of a cult following than a large majority of the people. There’s not enough scoring in the game  and it’s hard to juice a soccer ball. Whay America needs is a star on the world stage to show that soccer can be exciting.

Freddy Adu, playing in any European league, could do that. Although many are worried that him leaving the states to go play across the Atlantic would take away from the MLS and ultimately be it’s demise (one player isn’t going to make this happen) Freddy’s moving to Europe could be just what the MLS needs.

People need to know it’s out there, get passionate about the players and then the MLS will build momentum as a real league in America.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006@ 8:44 pm   

We’ve just gotten wind that Freddy Adu, the teenage soccer phenom will leave his Manchester United Trial a week early.

Freddy Adu was on a two week try-out of sorts with one of the best soccer clubs in the world, Manchester United. He was training with the Manchester United youth academy, aka The Red Devils Youth Academy and impressing a lot of the older players on the team with his skills.

There was recent concern over the physical nature of the English Premier League brought up by both his coach Peter Nowak, and LA Galaxy top man Alexi Lalas. Freddy Adu himself has now come out and talked about the physcial nature of the EPL being to much for his style of play and that he would be better suited to play for Real Madrid.

This leaves the question, with Freddy leaving the Manchester United Trial Early, will he make a stop off in Madrid?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006@ 12:45 am   

Freddy Adu is in the middle of his 2 week trial with Manchester United across the pond in England. He’s working on solidifying a move to play in the Premiership and become the soccer player that the world has been making him out to be since he was 12 years old.

But some say that moving to England and playing with Manchester United might be the wrong decision for the 17-year-old Freddy Adu.

Peter Nowak, coach of DC United, where Adu currently plays and is under contract says Freddy “needs matches.” He believes Freddy should go to the Dutch League where he can get more matches against better competition.

If Freddy were to make the Manchester United team he would more than likely reside on the development squad for a few years where he may never make it off of. The Manchester team brings in the best players from around the world and to see a young talent get stuck behind players that right now might be better than him would be devastating.

Freddy may never get off the bench and we’ll never get to see his talent blossom.

But then again, he’s a great talent himself and may be able to step right into the starting line-up for Manchester United and play some of the best ball the world has ever seen. I believe Freddy Adu knows what he is doing and knows what he wants and will get to the top of his game the best way he knows how. Playing aginst and with the best.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006@ 8:35 am   

Looking for Freddy Adu news around the web? Well we have some top stories for you and where you can find them.

First off, everyone by now knows that Freddy Adu is training with Manchester United for two weeks. With that has brought much debate and talk around the soccer world about Freddy Adu’s future.

First up voicing concern about the young 17-year-old Freddy Adu making the jump to Europe soccer is LA Galaxy top man, Alexi Lalas. He has mentioned Concern for Adu based on his size and location of where he might end up in Europe. Lalas doesn’t want him to get tossed in with the big boys too early and get “swallowed up.”

Also of concern is the MLS and DC United losing their biggest crowd drawing face in Freddy Adu. It’s no secret that the young Adu has basically become the face of the MLS and it’s fight to keep alive. Losing him to the Euorpeans would require the MLS to continue on with someone bigger. Even with the rumors that Beckham may make a trip to the States to play a season or two with the MLS, the leaders are still worried.

What do you think is best for Freddy Adu? I think, as much as I would miss him in the MLS, Freddy Adu needs to go and gain the exposure and play against the competition that Europe can bring. That’s the only way he is going to excel beyond where his soccer skils are today.

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